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“The innovative EDU study model provides the best possible education in clinical medicine to young people with an intrinsic passion for becoming a physician. EDU is committed to help shape a fairer and more sustainable global healthcare system.”

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Hoeft, European Society of Anesthesiology, Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of Scientific Committee

Founded in June 2018, EDU is a brand of Digital Education Holdings Ltd. (DEH), a private institution for higher education, with a vision to substantially increase the quality and accessibility of education around the globe. We want to change education with digital technologies and innovative learning practices. 

EDU’s degree programmes include Europe’s first digital medical school – EDU Medical and its agile degree programmes in Human Medicine. Our medical degree programmes are designed to combine collaborative and self-directed learning with personal mentorship and a focus on practical clinical experience. 

EDU’s state-of-the-art digital learning platform offers a 21st Century education model incorporating modern didactic methodologies and is fully accessible to students and learners wherever they are. Our courses are designed to bring people together in small groups to learn and study, no matter where they are in the world and encourage an environment of life-long learning.

As well as our own digitally-based courses, EDU provides tailor-made vocational programmes for world-renowned clients. As part of this, EDU works to provide a framework to support the 2017 WHO Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health by launching a course on Healthy Ageing. In addition,pisa4u was launched which was offered alongside the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). On pisa4u, OECD published a working paper titled “Lessons Learned from the PISA4U Pilot“.  

EDU is a joint initiative of Digital Education Holdings Ltd., kENUP Foundation and kENUP Limited. Digital Education Holdings Ltd. is a kENUP Limited shareholding company.